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, christopher stevens. officials said he died when the consulate was set on fire. three others died. there's been no confirmation from the united states. the secretary of hillary clinton issued a statement. but she added there is no justification for violence. emily buchanon has more. >> inferno overnight at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. militants stormed the compound and set fire to buildings. it's not clear yet how the ambassador died, but reports suggests his car may have come under rocket attacks as he and others were trying to escape. the anger was sparked by a provocative film made by an israeli american about the life of the prophet muhammad. >> my name is christopher stevens and i'm the new u.s. ambassador to libya. >> the american ambassador of christopher stevens had a lifelong interest in the middle east. he had been in libya for less than four months after taking up his post in may. the killings was strongly condemned by libya's general national congress. it's not clear who is responsible. some suggest hard line groups. but the country's deputy interior minister accused realm
. in a little bit i'll speak live with a former ambassador tom macdonald, knew the late christopher stevens and will explain what's really involved in being a foreign ambassador. >>> here at home an unlicensed daycare center shut down after investigators found more that not 20 babies and toddlers strapped into car seats. police in dale city say the car seats were left in bathrooms and in one case a closet with the door shut. two sisters were the only adults watching 21 children in all. >> that would surprise anybody really. i mean you don't want to hear about stuff like that happening, especially next-door to you. >> luckily in this case we were able to get there and it wasn't a situation where one was injured or kill order something like that. >> 21-year-old anila qayyum and 23-year-old rabia qayyum were arrested and face a slew of charges. >>> a man accused of taking cell phone videos up women's skirts is behind bars. he is tapha nyang. 26-year-old from silver spring would ask for directions and use a cell phone aimed through the hole of a duffel bag to record video up their skirts. polic
published by wikileaks had been written by christopher stevens who later became the u.s. ambassador to libya, the ambassador who was killed on the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi two nights ago. christopher stevens was an arabic speaker, a longtime student of libya. he had lived in the kuchb country on and off for a long time. he understood the country well. in 2008 he wrote what in retrospect now seems to be an important and chilling memo about this particular place in libya. see, we'll show you. this is where libya is on the map of north africa. see libya sort of juts into the mediterranean at two different points, on the west side and on the east side. on the western side there, you see is tripoli. that is the capital of libya. but it is way over on the other peninsula on the right on the eastern part of the country where the city of benghazi is located. this place that christopher stevens, our ambassador who was just killed, the place he wrote about in 2008 in this cable that was uncovered by wikileaks, it's right there next to benghazi, the city of derna. in order to understand
.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three members of his staff were killed overnight in the fiery wreckage of the u.s. consulate in the city of benghazi. it happened after hundreds of people converged on the consulate to protest a little-known internet film that ridicules islam. the film was produced in the united states. it was just a year ago that the u.s. helped overthrow libya's dictator moammar qaddafi and christopher stevens was one of the americans on the ground then helping the rebels to victory. we have a team of correspondents on this story and we will go first to david martin who's been talking to his sources at the pentagon. david? >> reporter: good evening, scott. u.s. officials say this was not an out-of-control demonstration but a well-executed attack by a well-armed band of thugs. the u.s. believes that the... this was executed by a group that is either associated with or sympathizes with al qaeda and that they took advantage of that demonstration ainst that anti-muslim film to launch their assault on the anniversary of 9/11. american ambassador chris stevens and informatio
christopher stevens remembered as a model diplomat. his name and those of the three americans died in the attack will be etched on a wall at the state department. abc's jonathan karl has more. >> reporter: war was still raging when he first arrived in libya last year. ambassador christopher stevens fully embraced one of the most dangerous diplomatic missions in the world. [ speaking foreign language ] >> my name is christopher stevens, i am the new u.s. ambassador to libya. >> he risked his life to stop a tyrant, then gave his life trying to help build a better libya. >> reporter: john mccain was with ambassador stevens when libya celebrated its first-ever free elections. >> christopher stevens was one of the finest men i have ever knownen my life. he loved the libyan people. they loved him. >> reporter: on the streets of benghazi, the libyan people grieved for a friend. one sign saying, "sorry, people of america." >> it is especially tragic that christopher stevens died in benghazi because it is a city he helped to save. >> reporter: three other americans died with the ambassador,
of benghazi. christopher stevens and three aides died of smoke inhalation after an angry mob set fire to the building in protest of an amateur anti-muslim film produced in the united states. the film also sparked protests in egypt, where demonstrators scaled a wall of u.s. embassy in cairo and burnt the american flag. the film called "in a sense of muslims," was funded by private donors and made by director who's called islam a cancer. we will have more on this story after headlines. the white house is denying reports president obama has snubbed israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu by refusing a meeting with netanyahu -- when netanyahu visits washington next week. the reported rift is said to center around u.s.-israeli tensions over iran, with netanyahu continuing to push for a military attack. on tuesday, he escalated his rhetoric say no one in the world can tell israel not to attack iran. >> the world says, "wait, there's still time." i say, "wait for what?" "wait until when?" those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before iran do not have a moral right
americans. among them was this man here. christopher stevens. the u.s. ambassador who was born and raised in northern california. he graduated from uc berkeley in 1982 and then received a law degree from half thine hastings in 1989. he was killed in this attack. secretary of state clinton condemning the attacks. a libyan official says the americans were killed when protesters attacked the consulate in response to a u.s. film they deemed blasphemous to the prophet muhammad. president obama released a statement condemning that attack. >>> he was once the victim. a south bay priest beaten as he sat in a retirement home. now he's an accused sex offender. his alleged victims are calling for prosecutors to charge him with perjury. the high profile calls of reverend jerold lindner. live from san jose, where today prosecutors will be holding a critical meeting with the man who beat lindner that could lead to charges against that priest. >> reporter: the l.a. wants to hear from lynch before deciding. lynch was acquitted of that beating of father lindner several months ago here in san jose. now thi
for the bay area native and ambassador christopher stevens, the first ambassador killed in the line of duty in 33 years. we have live team coverage on the attack. we'll also hear from stevens' family and friends. and more why google won't remove the controversial video being blamed for the uprising. first, details on what's happening now. >> what happened last night was heartbreaking. >> reporter: the president tonight in an interview with telemundo, promised a full investigation. tonight, the pentagon is sending two u.s. warships to the libyan coast. and dozens of marines to the region. so far, no word on specific orders. the u.s. consulate building was burned and riddled with bullets. >> my name is chris stevens. and i'm the new ambassador. >> reporter: stevens and three others were killed. four flag-draped coffins followed an emotional scene. >>> cheryl hurd joins us from berkeley, where the spirit of chris stevens is shining brightly tonight. cheryl? >> reporter: it is, indeed. it was a somber evening here in berkeley tonight. the candlelight vigil started with a moment of silen
.s. ambassador to libya has been killed by armed demonstrators in benghazi. christopher stevens and three other american officials died when the embassy was a salted over protests over an anti- islamic film. >> the film, which was produced in california, protestors say insull's the prophet mohammed because it portrays him as a womanizer. the film has been condemned and beg you to version has been >> are raged protesters attacked the embassy in cairo, where protests are reported to be continuing at this hour. >> the conflict in benghazi was gutted after the attack. four people were killed, including the u.s. ambassador to libya, christopher stevens. thousands had gathered at the consulate to protest. demonstrators forced their way into the building, setting it ablaze. the president of libby's new national congress has condemned the attacks. authorities are searching for the perpetrators. >> him there trying to cloud the joy of the libyan people. this cowardly act comes as one of many acts of evil in the conspiracy against the revolution. and against the security and stability of the country. >>
registrarse el asesinato del embajador a ese pais christopher stevens, y otros 3 miembros del cuerpo diplomtico al pais africano. ---lori montenegro nos tiene la historia. 0:01 take pkg blanca ---las reacciones en todo el mundo ante el atentado no se han hecho esperar. take vo ---aqui en la bahia, los cnsules de varios paises centroamericanos y de mexico, se reunieron para realizar un brindis para conmemorar otro aniversario de indenpendencia, pero el atentado fue uno de los principales temas entre los presentes, quienes expresan su punto de vista sobre los peligros de ser un representant e diplomatico.. take sot in: 00;00;18;14 out: 00;00;37;25 consul dice: "yo creo que el tema del terrorismo esta latente, es algo que lastima a todos no es una situacion en particular contra un pais en este caso amigo y aliado como estados unidos y el resto de la comunnidad internacional reprobamos este tipo de actividades cobardes." vo ---la mayoria de los gobiernos latinoamerica nos, han lanzado una enrgica protesta por los atentados. stop for open topvo cesar ---esta noche, un grupo de estudiantes
school in san francisco tonight. it was in memory of am about his door christopher stevens one of 4 americans killed last week when the consulate in libya was attacked. lillian is here with what students fact you will l think to say about the ambassador tonight. hi praise indeed. >>reporter: ambassador attended haze ntion the 80's and made a lasting impression. as for the current crop of students he made an impression on them too. >> ambassador serves as shining example to all of us. >>reporter: none of the students knew ambassador christopher stevens. he graduated from uc hastings college of law in 1989. but the young men and women felt compelled to take part in a candle light vigil in his honor. >> he sat in the same classroo classroom. maybe he has the same professors and we are connected to this person. he was a great person. grit person to be connected to. >>reporter: ambassador stevens died last we can after an attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. part of wave of unrest over an apartment islam film. witness accounts new video now indicate the ambassador was stil
respects to ambassador christopher stevens. u.s. deputy secretary of state william burns had earlier flown into the capital under tight security. behind-the-scenes an fbi team is preparing to fly to benghazi to investigate the attack. the compound behind these walls is the major crime scene but any evidence left inside will have been badly contaminated by looters and curious local people who flooded in after the attack. here's what eyewitnesss, officials and libyan commanders in charge that night have told us. sometime around 9:30 p.m. about 70 armed men attacked the consulate's main gates with guns and heavy weapons. they then stormed in, overwhelming local and american security. with all four buildings on fire the libyan government ordered a local militia to the rescue. that militia helped to ferry 31 americans and the body of sean smith out the back gate in armored cars to a house a mile away rented by the u.s. government. shortly afterwards it too came under fierce attack. what we still don't know is how back at the compound ambassador stevens got separated from his security detail onl
american lives, including our ambassador, jay christopher stevens.chr this is outrageous. >> reporter: u.s. official latea identified shawn smith, a veteran foreign service information officer, as one of the casualties. names of the two other americans killed have not been released. >> president obama said today that some libyans tried to fight and defend the u.s. post while it was under attack. carrying stevens body to a hospitalful the libyan doctor told the ap that he died of aa severe asphyxiation from smokesm inhalation, and they fought for 90 minutes to save him. >>> jay christopher stevens was a career recently appointed to theth position of am mass door in may. he served two earlier tours in libya, including a tour in the revolution. joined the foreign service in 1991. before that, he was a peace corps volunteer. he lived in chevy chase maryland. >>> meanwhile -- condemning stevens murder.ste they are condemning floridaon pastor terry jones.. he's promoting the anti muslim video called innocence ofinno muslims, which has been blamedbe for the violence in libya. >> i'
. including j. christopher stevens. >> this is tragic that he died and benghazi, because it is a city he helped to save. >> the white house said he urged them to keep working with united states to ensure diplomatic safety. >> we invite you to stay here with abc 7 news for complete coverage of the protests and deadly attacks and the search for the killer of a j. christopher stevens. we will have to the minute details on and on our twitter and facebook page as. >> and the scare of the united states consulate in berlin germany. an employee became sick when a man had a person documents. the visitor is expected -- was a man applying for a united states visa. if other white substance in the area, but they said the documents did not contain anything dangerous. >> michelle obama and mitt romney me are going to be in northern virginia today. >> brianne carter is in fairfax. >> the fight for battleground virginia is back on here in the commonwealth. both parties campaigning here today. if you take a look behind me, you can see mitt romney the as onstage. he started speaking about 10 minut
muertos y entre ellos en embajador de estados unidos en libia, christopher stevens, fue el resultado despuÉs que una turba enardecida se pronunciara en contra del consulado estadounidense en benghazi. tanto la secretaria de estado hillary clinton como el presidente de la naciÓn repudiaron el suceso.." los est fuertemente este indÍgnate e inesperado ataque estamos trabajando en conjunto con el gobierno de libia para asegurar a nuestros diploma ticos y hemos dado instruccion es a la administraciÓn de asegurar nuestras embajadas alrededor del mundo." pero el repudio tambiÉn se hizo sentir en libia . "condenamos cualquier intento de daÑar la imagen de nuestro profeta mohammed o cualquier intento de insultar nuestras creencias y religiÓn pero tambiÉn rechazamos, condenamos y criticamos fuertemente el uso de fuerza y el aterrorizar a civiles matando inocentes como un medio de expresiÓn " el evento coincidiÓ con la tragedia del 911 y con otra protesta similar en egipto. estas se surgieron tras haberse publicado en la internet un video en el que se burlaban del islam y seÑalaban
killed american ambassador christopher stevens and three others. at least one man said protesters were angry about an anti-islam film. >> don't make our people angry because they will kill. they will fight. >> reporter: the president prospected to bring the killers to justice. >> we -- there is no justification to this type of senseless violence. >> my name is chris stevens and i'm the new u.s. ambassador to libya. >> reporter: stevens risked his life to save benghazi as envoy to the libyan rebellion against gay day. the secretary of state said he lost his life trying -- gadhafi. the secretary of state said he lost his life trying to build a better libya. >> this was an attack against shale and savage a -- against a small and savage group. >> reporter: he was an analyst who would joke with condoleezza rice about gadhafi's crush on her, an ambassador who would brew up a cappachino for senator john mccain. >> he's just a good california dude. >> reporter: matthew van dyke, the baltimore man who fought for the rebels in benghazi, says the vast majority of libyans love america for
.s. ambassador has been killed in libya. this has been confirmed. christopher steven. a northern californian. he had just joined the u.s. embas embassy. an attack on the u.s. embassy in libya. he also went to uc hastings where he graduated from a law school. it was a major attack there. apparently militants are upset over a u.s. film that was put out. a small film that was more kind of like an unprofessional one but it has caused a big commission over there. apparently political implications here. people are very upset. once again, it has been confirmed that a u.s. ambassador, christopher stevens, has been killed in libya. we will continue to cover this event and keep you posted as information comes into us. moving to other information. breaking the silence. a former student of belamine prep in san jose saying he was sexually apused at that school. he says the jess suette brother molested him when he was there in the '60s. the california society of jess suettes sent a letter that reads, jess suette brother william farington was removed. he now exercises no public ministry and lives under close s
christopher stevens and three members of his staff were killed in libya. they are now looking into whether this was an attack to mark the september 11th anniversary. there are also reports the mob was triggered by the movie that is now being called anti-islam. president barack obama is working to find those responsible and said quote, justice will be done. >>> and the attacks on the campaign trail, mitt romney is taking heat before knowing american lives were lost in libya. >> possibly they were wrong before knowing they had been breached in libya instead of condemning their actions. >> and more from our political fall out from the ongoing tensions in the middle east. >>> san jose police are investigating a double stabbing. police rushed to 9th street at about 2:20, and there they found two people who had been stabbed. so far no suspects have been arrested. >>> they believe a man who was killed. shots were fired near carlson. investigators think the body was a man who drove off after being shot after an attempted carjacking near carlson and ohio. >>> we have exclusive video of a home in fr
christopher stevens born in northern california in 1960. he came to libya for a second time in april of 2011 arriving on a cargo ship. the u.s. government sent him to rebel headquarters to serve as a special representative to the libyan national transitional council there. and all the violence really escalated and stemmed from the anti-muslim movie created in america and circulated on facebook. and there was a call to action to go to the u.s. embassy in cairo and to protest. that is precisely what happened when the protest got violent. we heard yesterday that an american was killed in libya and this is who the american turned out to be. >> he has a long history, can i not member a sitting ambassador being killed. so this is obviously something -- there is security in all the facilities that is very serious. what it pretends for the safety of the americans around the world most immediately in egypt and in libya, but this man had a long history in the region. he was a pear corps volunteer in morocco with previous overseas assignments and knows the region very, very well. again, we have known t
.s. embassy. >> we have more details for you on ambassador christopher stevens who was among the four victims in the attack. he served two tors in libya. stevens is the sixth ambassador to be killed on duty, the first since 1979. is survived by his parents and a sister. stevens and three others remembered in our region. live with more of frustrations expressed by mourners and their resolve move up forward. >> the majority of people who or libyan americans. were therefore the reason the flag is flying at half staff. they wanted to remember those died and wanted to send out a message. have concern that people s allthink of violence i about, and they y nothing could be further truth.e >> our governments are friends. >> today they came with a message. >> this is not who we are. >> she grew up in springfield but lived in libya as several years as a girl. what's this is disappointing. y embarrassed. >> this girl lived where the murders took place. although libyans experienced many years of oppression, they are not a violent people. wanted freedom. >> he went to libya last year to the now defeated o
americans, were killed. ambassador christopher stevens died of smoke inhalation after the consulate attack. stevens had only been served since may in libya. >>> this morning's attack comes after armed protesters attacked the consulate last night. >> in egypt, thousands ever pro terses stormed the american embassy and burned the american flag. they are angry at a film produced in the united states that insult the prophet mohammed. let's get more from doug luzader live on capitol hill. >> good morning. as you mentioned, the u.s. ambassador apparently killed there we are still waiting for confirmation from either the state department or the white house. they are only saying that one u.s. staffer was killed. but if this is, in fact, triewrks it represents a dramatic escalation in the situation there. chris stevens, 52 years old, a u.s. aim bass done to libya. he had been a key player in the region for some time. he worked to help the libyans overthrow qaddafi. he was in no way connected by this video produced by an american here in the united states. he was nevertheless caught up in in violenc
and father of two. and we know the name christopher stevens, u.s. ambassador to libya, just 52 years old with a remarkable career. take a look. chris stevens was sent to libya by the state department in 2007. last year he was tasked with a formidable and dangerous assignment, america's point man with rebel forces fighting gadhafi. >> in the early days of the libyan revolution, i asked chris to be our envoy to the rebel opposition. he arrived on a cargo ship in the port of benghazi and began building our relationships with libya's revolutionaries. >> when the fighting stopped and gadhafi was gone, stevens was officially named ambassador to libya. one of the first things he did was create this video with arabic subtitles to reach out to libyans. >> i look forward to exploring those possibilities with you as we work together to build a free, democratic, prosperous libya. >> the deaths of stevens and his three colleagues have sent shock waves through the halls of power, across the nation and around the world. >> i have no doubt that their legacy will live on through the work that they did fa
in benghazi, libya, that left four americans dead. including j. christopher stevens, the ambassador to libya who's being remembered as a dedicated and talented advocate for this country overseas. it is hard to overstate the significance of what happened last night at that american consulate in benghazi. he is the first ambassador to be killed in the line of duty in the last three decades and only the sixth in the entire history of american diplomacy. tonight we're learning that his death and the deaths of three of his staffers may have come not at the hands of a random mob of islamic fundamentalists who were riled up by a shadowy anti-muslim youtube film, instead, sources say that a pro-al qaeda group is the key suspect now and a senior u.s. official says american surveillance drones are expected to join in the hunt for them. the fbi is also investigating. as we said at the top of the program, american warships armed with cruise missiles have begun steaming closer to libya. a marine unit is headed to tripoli to protect the embassy there and other forces may be called to beef up protection gl
see him here. ambassador jay christopher stevens and three other embassy employees died last night in the libyan city of benghazi. the associated press reporting that stevens returned to the consulate to try to evacuate staff members there while the kans lat was under attack, apparently because of some protests sparked by a film that is critical of the prophet muhammad. you can stay with us throughout the morning for updates on the breaking news there. good morning, everybody. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. off to a cool start. we will warm up. >>> many of you waking up to temperatures in the 40s, but the sun is coming up, and we will quickly warm up. beautiful day ahead. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein out on the storm team 4 weather deck. tom, you got your jacket on? >> i do. you'll need it this morning. it the down in the 40s to near 50 degrees throughout much of the region. sky's always putting on a show. we've got the krcrescent moon a venus in the sky, in the southeastern sky. take a look at this sky show. this was put on saturd
attacked our people. >> as the u.s. mourns the death of it was a massacre to libya christopher stevens, demonstrators in yemen stormed the u.s. embassy there, protesting an american-made film than a credit me profit mohammed. we will go to yemen and egypt where protests have entered a third day. then to one of the world's leading islamic scholars, tariq ramadan on "islam and the arab awakening." >> if you look at the situation in tunisia and egypt, corruption, poverty, unemployment -- many people who were visiting egypt are dealing with the media saying, there is something not going right. the situation is very bad. we knew something could happen. >> as new census figures show 46,000 americans -- millions of americans are in poverty, we will speak with tavis smiley and cornel west. >> inequality, the top 1% got 93% of income in 2010. income. wealth. that is morally obscene. it is an ethical abomination. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. protests are spreading in the middle east over u.s. made film c
an ongoing situation. >> and just a little bit of background too on ambassador christopher stevens. we are looking at his picture right now. he had actually not been -- he had arrived in tripoli just a few months ago. he really hadn't been over there that long. any more information that we know about millennium and his service over there? -- about him and his service over there? >> i'm just reading that the deputy prime minister in libya just tweeted condemning the cowardly act of attacking the u.s. consulate and the killing of ambassador mr. stevens and the other diplomats. so i'm not sure that really serves as independent confirmation but it would seem to be another source indicating that this has taken place. we'll see what the response is from the white house today. there will have to be some kind of forceful response from this. there was a little bit of a misstep yesterday when the u.s. embassy in cairo initially put out what people thought -- some people saw as kind of an apology for this video. ultimately, the white house disavowed that statement saying, in fact, that there is n
christopher stevens is among the four victims. he ordered security to be increased for u.s. citizens in libya. the american-made film that sparked the attack is considered insulting to islam's profit mohammad. that film also triggered anti-american outrage in egypt. demonstrate fors assembled on the u.s. embassy in chicago. hundreds of people gathered in the compound, some of them scaled the walls. they brought down a u.s. flag and burned it. >> egypt has lost them and it has not solved any problems. >> part of the film in question has been uploaded to the internet. >>> firefighters in pakistani's biggest city of karachi continue looking for victims after a fire that swept through a clothing building. the four-story structure went up in flames on tuesday afternoon with more than 400 workers inside. 289 people have been confirmed dead. doors to the building were apparently locked. the windows were barred. a police official says no safety measures were in place. >> the design of the building, there was no safety exits and all the people that got out, there was probably only one way out, which t
in the remains of christopher stevens in the arsenal to recall once a day. >>> offers look inside the consulate of a single room in every building looks just like the set. torched been ransacked. a compound sits on eight residential street. the attackers came from all sides at once. been bombing and burning their way through the compound in the fourth half hour siege. the commission should there is nothing left. even topping tossing furniture into mitt romney was tackled on the campaign trail over his criticism over of president obama's handling of the >>> were thinking about their families and those of the left behind could >>> the film maker behind the entire muslim movie that's feeling of violence is in hiding. the government sources 55 year-old is in the man behind the film. he is a convicted felon on probation for financial cornice. he announced the up the house that the southern california where he is believed to live. no one has come to the door. >>> >>> it's a headline this morning in another lab deck of charlotte cards. basically the bottom line is it's what you see yesterday. the depu
reject such an unlawful acts. libyan ambassador christopher stevens and three other store americans were killed when gunmen attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >>> but now the west is moving warships toward the libyan coast preparing to track the suspected of a truce with surveillance runs. we want to make note that impacted the but protest is not a sedating pot politics. >>> u.s. officials confirm that the massacre stevens spent his final moments trying to save his own staffers. those who knew him say that was the kind of person he was. returned members who would not even born came together last night and to honor him. >>> which no more than ever to work for or what where peace morgan taylor can be an international constant. our thoughts and prayers are with brodeur students at and his family and friends. >>> ambassador stevens was a member of the off a tough omega fraternity. >>> funeral services for the chp officers shot and killed in a traffic stop in our mobile on 680 will be held today. >>> here are inviting anyone who would like to honor him service to come here to the missio
christopher stevens and three other americans died in the consulate in benghazi september 11th. on face the nation susan rice said evidence shows that attack began as a spontaneous protest. >>> there were extremist elements that joined in an escalated the violence >>> but this man disagrees and told bob schieffer it was premeditated >>> the way the perpetrators acted and moved and choosing the specific date for this demonstration this leaves us with no doubt this was preplanned >>> libyan officials say they've arrested 50 people and connection to the benghazi attack. the fbi also investigates and the u.s. government is increasing security to protect u.s. personnel duarte geraldino cbs news >>> the last week of summer and brian hackney with the forecast >>> we cool down a bit in the bay area the numbers will come down every day nothing dramatic still plenty warm inland. fairfield 9189 livermore. some fog comes in on the shoreline you see the golden gate. the marine layer is about 1,700 ft.. low pressure moves in. it moves the a marine layer. none is much fought tonight as last night. 58
death to america and it comes after christopher stevens and three other diplomats were killed in america. >>> president barack obama is expected to talk about the bailout of america. the president is expected to tell supporters that that the bailout is fueling the economic recovery. and the u.s. has filed a complaint with the world trade organization over china's trade practices. china is abusing trade laws by imposing more than $3 billion on exports. >>> and challenger, mitt romney is planning fixing immigration reform a priority if he is a elected. he is also expected to argue president barack obama has failed to deliver on meaningful immigration reform. >>> rahm emanuel is forcing teachers to go back to the classroom. it comes as they start a second week on the picket lean. they wanted to being tend the strike after a proposed settlement with the district. >>> national hockey league lock out has begun. that means they lose the much needed revenue. joining us with how a prolonged lock out could affect local businesses. >> a lot of them have an 15ty for their local team. now the sharks
. there was an application that was withdrawn today. >> and now some more information about ambassador christopher stevens, who had served twice in libya from 2007 until 2009 and then for 10 months last year during the revolution there. before joining the foreign service, he was an international trade lawyer in washington. he was 52 years old. >> shortly after the news of the attack in libya broke, mitt romney accused the a administration of apologizing for american values. he was talking about a statement issued in cairo. at a campaign rally in jacksonville fla. mitt romney doubled down on his comments. >> this is setting a terrible course for america to stand in apology for our values an apology for american values is never the right course. >> in an interview with "60 minutes," obama says mitt romney has a tendency to shoot first and ask later. >> our team coverage of the attacks continue as. with the large muslim population in the washington area we are getting a lot of reaction to the events overseas. >> d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live where there will be a vigil held later tonight. >> we are at l
christopher stevens and three other people. he grew up in piedmont. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton expressed outrage and offered condolences to employees today. the president called stevens mother and father from air force one. also vowing to increase security at u.s. embassies and commissions world wide after the attack. tensions remain high, many in the muslim world object to an online movie produced in california feeling that film insults the prophet mohammed, coming up our political reporter mark matthews will look at how the attack will likely affect u.s. relations in that part of the world. >> a tough decision in the ongoing search for missing south bay teenager sierra lamar. the six-month anniversary of her disappearance approaches volunteer searches are being cut in half. and they have been searching every wednesday. >> they have. after today, those wednesday searches are on hold and volunteer parties will unite here just four times per month. there are a number of reasons but there are few leads to follow up at this point and organizers hoping that reducing
with democracy was nothing new for christopher stevens. rebecca cooper has more. >> friends and colleagues say that both libyans and americans are mourning the loss of all life that gave so much to support the cause of freedom. >> my name is chris stevens and i am the new u.s. ambassador to libya. >> by the time he took over this year as u.s. ambassador to libya, friends and colleagues said he had already risked his life to support the libyan uprising. >> a dramatic mission, at the beginning of the revolution. >> at a press conference, the director of the libyan emergency task force stepped up and talked up his bravery. >> he was there. he was one of the first people to travel to ban gauzy -- to benghazi. >> i am heartbroken heartbroken. this is a man who came to rescue the libyans. >> a second victim, a foreign service information manager, sean smith leaves behind a wife and two children. >> they gave their lives in service to the country and to the resolution of conflicts. >> on tuesday, sean smith sent a message to an online gaming colleagues that they were under attack, making a joke that
is condemning the attacks on americans in libya including the u.s. ambassador, christopher stevens. the speaker says this, quote, we mourn for the families of our countrymen in benghazi and condemn this horrific attack. 11 years after september 11th, this is a jolting reminder that freedom remains under siege by forces around the globe who relish violence overfree expression and terror over democracy and that america and free people everywhere must remain vigilant in the defense of our liberties. that from speaker boehner just moments ago. bill: it is quite remarkable in 24 hours how quickly foreign policy can come to the for front because there is this story that ed henry mentioned moments ago. israel ratcheting up the u.s. on taking a tougher stance against iran on the showdown for the nuclear program. prime minister benjamin netanyahu criticizing the administration for refusing to set a clear deadline what is and is not acceptable beyond which military action would follow, otherwise known as a red line. listen here. >> the world tells israel, wait, there's still time. and i say, wait for wha
.s. missions around the world. this after attacks that killed u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three other diplomats. investigators are considering the possibility that his death was part of a coordinated terrorist attack >> certainly this was more than just a protest on bad but whether it was a premeditated al qaeda attack is still be determined >> investigators are trying to determine if it was a planned attack designed to hit americans on the anniversary of september 11th. the u.s. is moving warships towards the libyan coast and preparing to track the suspected perpetrators with surveillance drones. mitt romney criticized president obama's administration of showing weakness. the president hinted on 60 minutes last night that ann romney may have jumped the gun with his comments. >> u.s. officials confirmed that ambassador christopher stevens spent his final moments trying to save his own staff members. those who knew him say that was the kind of person he was. fraternity members were not even born when he attended uc- berkeley came together last night to honor him >> we wish now mo
americans. they help some of our diplomats find safety and they carried christopher stevens's body to the hospital where he tragically had died. reporter: that power could be undermined by the fact that there are reports that after ambassador christopher stevens was moved to a second building considered more safe, libyan security forces allegedly tipped protesters off to his whereabouts, leading to the murder. the ambassador thought he may have been dragged into the street. the u.s. officials are investigating whether a pro-al qaeda do, al qaeda group -- where al-zawahiri insides another intriguing twist is that al-zawahiri's brother was seen in cairo. reporter: tonight the president is blasting mitt romney for his initial response. the president just called some of the families of the victims involved in this awful tragedy, he called them aboard air force one on his way to las vegas for previously scheduled campaign event. he decided to go forward with it. lou: thank you very much. ed henry reported from the white house. joining us now is doctor walid phares. middle eastern affair
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